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Black & gold prints in my interpretation are my unique invention in Photography. Somehow its idea came to me when I met first a really good metallic photopaper (it was a Hannemühle actually). I understood, how should I work on it: how to convert light to my golden prints. Technically it is far more complex, than simply coloring a monochromatic picture.

Not any kind of yellowish light is proper for this metamorphosis, only special rare golden light rays of the rising sun, coming sometimes for some seconds at summer dawns. (And NOT by late afternoons, usually considered as "golden hour"!)

Thus Black&Gold photographs have an independent empire in my visual universe. They are beyond colors and beyond black&whites as well. They return to the essence of Light, just like gold was always considered as condensed sunbeams in ancient cultures.

Living together with a fine black&gold print might give the feeling of warm sunshine on a cold winter day. Your soul will feel in peace and safety. The print itself is more of a timeless classic painting rather than a photograph.