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Great Art had never aimed to reproduce Nature, nor to compete with her. The more so INSPIRATION and deep understanding. Although I highly appreciate technically perfect reproductions of nature in landscape photography, this is far from my approach. 

I use my ACTIVE CREATIVE LOOK during the whole photographic process, from field camera work through computer corrections to final printing issues. I slowly find in myself my coloristic vision of the actual shot. 

Thus colors are NEVER realistic in my pictures, even if they may seem so sometimes. They equally come both from the site and from my inner universe. I have to remain conscious of all of them. This will bring a unique feeling into the viewer's mind: you may find the pictures realistic and unrealistic at the same time. Composition, contrast, and coloring will keep their roots in the unconscious.

A new reality will emerge from them: Grand Art, actually on the way of a signed, true piece of Art, a masterly colored panorama print.