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Black and white is the classic original way of Photography, which never goes out of fashion.

There is some timeless character in such photos, especially if we use hard contrasts. It's all about light for me in b&w, where darkness is not simply the lack of light - darkness has it's own identity, without any negative associations in my photography.

These black and white art prints match almost any interior with calm, smooth surfaces, like modernistic-styled rooms. Their appeal is subtle, you can live with them without noticing every moment of their charm, but any time you wish, you can enjoy their inner beauty. It is simply as good, as it is a good feeling to stay in a cozy home together with a fine Steinway piano by the window.

And just like with pianos, the size of the print is good to match the size of the space. A concert grand needs more air than an upright piano. Thus I suggest considering the typical distance of view: ideally, it is about triple the horizontal print size.