This COLOR VERSION of Gellért Colonnade Memorial is one of the most mystical photographs ever made of Budapest. You can recognize the timeless beauty of this town, and find yourself in the glory of a Golden Age. The normal coordinates of time and space disappear and become flexible: the resonances of ancient cultures and cities are also part of contemporary Budapest. (For artistic reasons, the statue of Bishop Gellért was removed from the composition.)

The portions of the photograph are 19:10.


Signed, Numbered Edition (24)

Medium: High-end color photography print on fine art metallic archival paper.

  • 60cm x 31cm / 23" x 12" (without white borders)
  • 90cm x 47cm / 35" x 18" (without white borders)
  • 120cm x 62cm / 47" x 24"  (without white borders)
  • 150cm x 78cm / 59" x 31"  (without white borders)


The black and gold Budapest panorama collection is a special development of some carefully picked black and white photographs by Gabor HELYES. Each print is editioned to only twenty-four reproductions regardless of the size. The artist sets pricing as the edition sells, making this portfolio of prints investment pieces. 


Born and living in Budapest, Hungary, Gabor HELYES is a professional Architect and Photographer, who follows the organic principles of his American master, Frank Lloyd Wright. In his photographs, Gabor extends his creative 3D architectural approach to the fourth dimension, Time. He says: 'I am a born Architect, and I remain to be as such a creator in anything I work with. For me designing a whole new building or photographing something existing has no difference: both are once-in-a-lifetime highly personal love experiences. The final fruit of this affair, the Art Piece should reach the highest level both in technical and artistical sense.'


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